Public-Private Partnership in the EU Public Procurement Regime

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My PhD research focuses on the relationship between the formation and operation of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and public procurement law as a legal framework for the award of the PPP contract. The complex nature of PPP projects including long term high value contracts, long award process, poses legal challenges for the procurement of PPP contracts. The overall research objective of my doctoral thesis is to analyse, clarify and discuss potential legal challenges resulting from European Union public procurement law - provided in Directive 2004/18/EC – which a public authority is obliged to apply when awarding a Public-Private Partnership contract, as well as to analyse if a deregulation of PPP’s award framework could potentially resolve these potential legal challenges. The latter consideration of deregulation of PPP award framework is based on comparison of highly regulated European public procurement system and Australian system which does not have specialised legal framework regulating public tenders.
The project involves legal research based on European Union public procurement law as well as Australian contract law, competition law and administrative law.
Dogmatic and normative legal methods are applied in combination with a case-based comparative method.
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