From Linear to Circular Value Chains: A Role for Tort Liability in Recycling Practices?

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

This article examines the extent to which tort law can be used to incentivise the creation of the circular value chain and the design of products that live up to the requirements of the circular economy. In doing so, this article focuses in particular on the concepts of product liability and value chain liability. It shows that whereas the product liability framework has clearly been thought out to fit the linear value chain, central product liability concepts are also sufficiently flexible to be able to take in circularity considerations. The same goes for the concept of value chain liability. This article also shows how both types of liability become intertwined in the circular value chain.
TidsskriftEuropean Journal of Risk Regulation
Udgave nummer4
Sider (fra-til)603-617
Antal sider15
StatusUdgivet - 2022

ID: 331580636