Development and implementation of a tool for measuring the training effectiveness of the patient-centered consultation mode

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Background: The patient-centered consultation model comprises four elements: exploring health, illness and disease experiences, understanding the whole person, finding common ground, and enhancing the patient-doctor relationship. This method is taught at the course in general practice at Copenhagen University. The aim of the study was to develop a simple tool consisting of a questionnaire about the patient-centered elements and a test video consultation. The outcome is the change in the students’ ability to identify these elements. Used as a pre-course and post-course test it can inform the teachers which elements of the patient-centered consultation need intensifying in the teaching.
Methods: The students from a course in general practice volunteered to participate in all steps of the development. They took part in individual interviews to select items from an already existing questionnaire (DanSCORE). The preliminary questionnaire was tested for face and content validity, pilot-tested and tested for test-retest reliability. All video consultations were transcribed and assessed for patient-centered elements through a conversation analysis. The videos showed medical students seeing real patients.
Results: The preliminary version of the questionnaire (called DanOBS) had 23 items. In the subsequent interviews, items were reduced to 17, each with three response options. After a pilot test, the questionnaire was further reduced to 13 items, all strictly relevant to the model and with two response options. The final questionnaire had acceptable test-retest reliability. The number of test consultation videos underwent a reduction from six videos to one.
Conclusions: The DanOBS combined with a test video consultation, used as a pre-and post-course test demonstrates for teachers which elements in the patient-centered consultation need to be intensified in the teaching.
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