The Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights: In Search of the Right Balance

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This perceptive book focuses on the interplay between the substantive provisions of intellectual property (IP) rights and the rules of enforcement. Featuring contributions from internationally recognised IP scholars, the book investigates different methods of ensuring that IP contractual and enforcement practices support the overall goals of the IP system.
Providing a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in IP protection, including online content moderation, right of access, and copyright contract law, this book presents an interdisciplinary perspective on intellectual property rights around the world. The contributing authors explore algorithmic decision-making in IP rights, the practice of music sampling in relation to piracy, and an evaluation of the adequacy of statutory fair compensation provisions for authors and performers. The book also proposes a series of solutions for future international copyright issues and legislations limiting contractual freedom.
ForlagEdward Elgar Publishing
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ISBN (Trykt)9781035311453
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781035311460
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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