Notes on the genus Punctelia in Denmark

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Punctelia jeckeri (Roum.) Kalb was previously
known as P. ulophylla (Ach.) van Herk &
Aptroot. The taxon was described by Acharius
(1810) as Parmelia caperata var. ulophylla. It
was long overlooked or reduced to synonomy,
i.a. with Parmelia subrudecta (Nyl.) Krog (e.g.
Hale 1965). Krog (1982), when establishing the
genus Punctelia, did not re-combine P.
ulophylla, nor include it in the accompanying
key. She probably considered it as a synonym
of P. subrudecta. In a study on European
Punctelia species with lecanoric acid, van Herk
& Aptroot (2000) accepted the taxon and made
the combination Punctelia ulophylla. The
publication also included photographs and
descriptions of P. ulophylla and related species
as well as a key to the species. That paper gave
rise to more regional papers on the group:
Aptroot (2003) on North American species and
Truong & Clerc (2003) on the Swiss species. P.
subrudecta and P. jeckeri (as P. ulophylla)
have also been recognized in the recent British
flora by Dobson (2005), which includes colour
photographs of both species. Recently Crespo
et al. (2004) and Thell et al. (2005) showed that
P. subrudecta and P. ulophylla were
genetically distinct. Kalb (2007) discovered an
older name at species level, proposed the combination Punctelia jeckeri, and
lectotypified the name.
As a preparatory work to a forthcoming
revision of the Danish lichen checklist
(Søchting & Alstrup 2007) it was decided to
examine the Danish material of the genus
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Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2007

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