Modeling the Risk of Human Toxoplasmosis in the Danish Population From Ingestion of Tissue Cysts Present in Pork Products

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In this study we present a quantitative risk assessment model to estimate the risk of human toxoplasmosis from consuming pork in Denmark. The model conceptualized in this study estimates the risk of human toxoplasmosis from ingestion of tissue cysts present in pork. The model predicted that approximately 8-13% of the human population would be infected with the T. gondii parasite after 50 years of consuming certain pork products. The total probability of infection is higher for infected pork portions coming from conventional pigs, as compared to organic pigs, due to a much higher consumption rate (despite a higher risk per portion for organic meat). Our model suggests that utilization of tissue cysts as unit of exposure in the model, instead of bradyzoites, is more suitable as a means to quantify risk of exposure to T. gondii infection in humans.
Titel14th International Symposium on the Epidemiology and Control of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards in Pigs and Pork : Proceedings
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ForlagIowa State University Digital Press
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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