Evaluation of hop performance in children with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using healthy reference data: A cross-sectional study

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Background Hop performance evaluation in children after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction may benefit from comparison to healthy controls. Thus, the purpose was to investigate the hop performance in children one year after ACL reconstruction with a comparison to healthy controls. Methods Hop performance data from children with ACL reconstruction one year post-surgery and healthy children were compared. Four one-legged hop test data were analyzed: 1) single hop (SH), 2) 6 m timed hop (6 m-timed), 3) triple hop (TH), and 4) cross-over hop (COH). Outcomes were the best result (longest/fastest hop) from each leg and limb asymmetry. Differences in hop performance between-limbs (operated versus non-operated) and between-groups were estimated. Results 98 children with ACL reconstruction and 290 healthy children were included. Few statistically significant group differences were observed. Girls with ACL reconstruction outperformed healthy controls in two tests on the operated leg SH, COH) and in three tests on the non-operated leg (SH, TH, COH). However, the girls performed 4–5% worse on the operated leg when compared to the non-operated leg in all hop tests. No statistically significant between-group differences in the limb asymmetry were found. Conclusion The hop performance in children with ACL reconstruction one year post-surgery was largely comparable to the level of healthy controls. Despite this, we cannot exclude that neuromuscular deficits exist among the children with ACL reconstruction. The inclusion of a healthy control group for evaluating hop performance evoked complex findings regarding the ACL reconstructed girls. Thus, they may represent a selected group.
TidsskriftThe Knee
Sider (fra-til)19-27
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 2023


  • Children, Knee, ACL, Reconstruction, Performance, Rehabilitation

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