Ethical and Legal Challenges of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Health Care

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This chapter will map the ethical and legal challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) in health care and suggest directions for resolving them. Section 1 will briefly clarify what AI is and Section 2 will give an idea of the trends and strategies in the United States (U.S.) and Europe, thereby tailoring the discussion to the ethical and legal debate of AI-driven health care. This will be followed in Section 3 by a discussion of four primary ethical challenges, namely (1) informed consent to use, (2) safety and transparency, (3) algorithmic fairness and biases, and (4) data privacy. Section 4 will then analyze five legal challenges in the U.S. and Europe: (1) safety and effectiveness, (2) liability, (3) data protection and privacy, (4) cybersecurity, and (5) intellectual property law. Finally, Section 5 will summarize the major conclusions and especially emphasize the importance of building an AI-driven health care system that is successful and promotes trust and the motto “Health AIs for All of Us”.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), ethical challenges, U.S. and EU law, safety and effectiveness, data protection and privacy
TitelArtificial Intelligence in Healthcare
RedaktørerAdam Bohr, Kaveh Memarzadeh
Antal sider42
Publikationsdato23 jun. 2020
ISBN (Trykt)9780128184387
ISBN (Elektronisk)9780128184394
StatusUdgivet - 23 jun. 2020

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