Energy Consumption-Aware Tabular Benchmarks for Neural Architecture Search

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The demand for large-scale computational resources for Neural Architecture Search (NAS) has been lessened by tabular benchmarks for NAS. Evaluating NAS strategies is now possible on extensive search spaces and at a moderate computational cost. But so far, NAS has mainly focused on maximising performance on some hold-out validation/test set. However, energy consumption is a partially conflicting objective that should not be neglected. We hypothesise that constraining NAS to include the energy consumption of training the models could reveal a sub-space of undiscovered architectures that are more computationally efficient with a smaller carbon footprint. To support the hypothesis, an existing tabular benchmark for NAS is augmented with the energy consumption of each architecture. We then perform multi-objective optimisation that includes energy consumption as an additional objective. We demonstrate the usefulness of multi-objective NAS for uncovering the trade-off between performance and energy consumption as well as for finding more energy-efficient architectures. The updated tabular benchmark, EC-NAS-Bench, is open-sourced to encourage the further exploration of energy consumption-aware NAS.
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StatusUdgivet - 12 okt. 2022

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