Currents and K-functions for Fiber Point Processes

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Analysis of images of sets of fibers such as myelin sheaths or skeletal muscles must account for both the spatial distribution of fibers and differences in fiber shape. This necessitates a combination of point process and shape analysis methodology. In this paper, we develop a K-function for shape-valued point processes by embedding shapes as currents, thus equipping the point process domain with metric structure inherited from a reproducing kernel Hilbert space. We extend Ripley's K-function which measures deviations from spatial homogeneity of point processes to fiber data. The paper provides a theoretical account of the statistical foundation of the K-function and its extension to fiber data, and we test the developed K-function on simulated as well as real data sets. This includes a fiber data set consisting of myelin sheaths, visualizing the spatial and fiber shape behavior of myelin configurations at different debts.
ForlagarXiv preprint
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - 2021

ID: 324971648