Co-creation of climate change mitigation policies: the superiority of a community-based approach

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The focus of this paper is on the places where citizens and public authorities meet – possible involving other stakeholders as well – to discuss, formulate and implement climate change mitigation policies at the local level. Through looking at a number of concrete cases stemming from the CIDEA research project and spread over the continuum from local government initiated to citizen initiated, and from projects aimed at changing individual behaviour to projects involving bigger communities (housing association, villages, etc.), it will be argued that both from a governance perspective (CO2-reductions), as well as from a democratic perspective, citizen initiated projects involving communities of different kinds are clearly superior to for example government initiated campaigns aimed at the behaviour of individuals. This finding has clear policy-implications meaning that local climate change mitigation policies should be aimed at finding ways to support citizen initiated initiatives to a greater extent than is currently the case.

Publikationsdatojun. 2015
Antal sider24
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2015
BegivenhedNordic Environmental Social Science Conference 2015 - NTNU, Trondhjem, Norge
Varighed: 9 jun. 201511 jun. 2015
Konferencens nummer: 14


KonferenceNordic Environmental Social Science Conference 2015

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