Can student-produced video transform university teaching? Experimental field exercises in distance learning

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The summer course "Restoration of European Ecosystems and Freshwater" is part of the Euroleague for Life Science (ELLS) program, and the organization of the course rotates between the ELLS universities. The course comprises four to five weeks of full time study; two to three weeks distance learning as preparation for the two week intensive field course.

The overall objective of the redesign was to modernize and improve the quality of the students learning experience, by exploring the potentials of video and online tools to create flexible, student-centered and student-activating education.

The student produced three types of videos during the course:

Video 1 was independently produced by the students, guided by online tasks and instructions. These videos were student produced learning material, showing cases from all over Europe. The videos was collected and presented in a "visual database" in Google maps.
Video 2 was produced in groups during the field course. Video two replaced a larger written assignment.
Video 3 was produced in groups during the field course. The videos was an experimental field exercise, and the production was guided by a “dogma concept“, meaning that everything should be done in the field.
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StatusUdgivet - 2011

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