Albert J. Kooistra

Albert J. Kooistra


Medlem af:

    Albert is an associate professor in Data Science for Drug Design (DSDD) at the University of Copenhagen (DK), where he also heads the Pharmaceutical Data Science team and the Data and Computing Facility.

    After a masters in bioinformatics, he obtained his PhD degree in computational medicinal chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL), and subsequently did postdoctoral work in molecular dynamics, structural bioinformatics, and cheminformatics. For his continued work enabling research via scientific databases, he received the 2021 MGMS Frank Blaney award from the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society.


    Research - Network Medicine

    The DSDD research group focuses on developing and applying cutting-edge and data-driven technologies to ultimately advance the development of new therapeutics. With expertise in structural bioinformatics, cheminformatics, computer-aided drug discovery & design, research tool/database development and applying machine learning/AI approaches. Albert is also the founder and developer of KLIFS (, a structural kinase database that is widely used by >1600 researchers every month for kinase and kinase inhibitor research. 



    Albert has been involved in setting up and teaching a wide range of courses and workshops for highschool, BSc, MSc, and PhD students and life-long-learners. For his work of implementing Virtual Reality in the classroom, he received a faculty-wide educational innovation award in 2017 from the VU University Amsterdam. 


    Selected courses/workshops:

    • AI in Drug Discovery - international PhD course - 50-60 participants
    • Hands-on computational Medicinal Chemistry - international PhD course - 20-40 participants
    • Big Data, AI/ML in Drug Safety - Life-long learning - 20 participants
    • Structure-based Drug Research - MSc course -  30-40 participants
    • Pharmaceutical Modeling - MSc course -  10-20 participants
    • Digital Core Curriculum (DCC) implementation - Data Science in BSc curriculum - 200+ participtants


    Possible conflicts of Interest

    Alongside his tenured position at UCPH, Albert has the following roles:

    • Co-founder and CTO - Synamics Therapeutics (since 2023)
    • Senior Scientific Expert - Kvantify (since 2022)

    Udvalgte publikationer

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    3. Udgivet

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    ID: 196033213