Susanne Kaae

Susanne Kaae



Group leader of the teaching and research group: Social and Clinical Pharmacy:

The group hosts the WHO Collaboration Center for Research and Training in the Patient Perspective on Medicines Use:


My specific teaching and research areas within Social Pharmacy are centered around five main topics - all related to improving patients’ well-being with medicines through more individualized care. In my work, I combine my pharmaceutical background with social and psychological science to advance:

  1. Improving patient centered communication and coherence across the primary health care sector
  2. Supporting prudent use of antibiotics in South-East Europe
  3. Facilitating implementation of new technologies, such as 3D printed medicines, in society
  4. Enhancing use of qualitative methods in the international social pharmacy research community
  5. Establishing translational research in patient centric drug devlopment

Some of the achievements in relation to these topics are a new post-curriculum training for pharmacy staff in patient-centred communication and a research protocol to explore daily behaviours of antibiotic use which have been used in 13 countries.

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