Susan Weng Larsen

Susan Weng Larsen

Lektor, Gæsteforsker

Primære forskningsområder

  • Design of intra-articular oil injectables aiming at local prolonged balanced analgesia
  • A novel prodrug principle (patented) to achieve localized and sustained NSAID action after joint injection.
  • Characterization of in situ suspension-forming injectables for sustained drug delivery
  • Development and utility of in vitro release methods to characterize in vivo performance of depot formulations for the subcutaneous and intra-articular route of administration.
  • In situ formed liquid crystalline nanostructures as sustained release injectable formulations.
  • Osteoarthritis – Improved therapy trough drug targeting to the articular cartilage.
  • Lymphatic targeting and biodistribution of drug nanocarriers based on cubosomes and hexosomes.
  • Microfluidic characterization of drug dissolution phenomena

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

  • Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Preformulation
  • Bachelorproject in Pharmacy
  • Supervision of master and PhD students


ID: 1304281