Stine Kjær Urhøj

Stine Kjær Urhøj

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I'm affiliated part time with the Perinatal, Obstetric, and Pediatric Epidemiology (POPE) research group at Section of Epidemiology, Copenhagen University and part time at the Department of Pediatrics at Kolding Hospital.

My primary research focus is perinatal and pediatric epidemiology and epidemiological methods and I'm particularly interested in how conditions during pregnancy and early life influence the health of the child.

I am currently working as an Academic Research Staff on three main projects:

1. The SCOPE project (Copenhagen University)

The SCOPE (Scandinavian studies of COvid-19 in PrEgnancy) project is funded by the NordForsk. By the use of national registry data from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, this project aims to fill three crucial knowledge gaps related to COVID-19 and pregnancy:
1) Are pregnant women at higher risk for COVID-19 than non-pregnant women?
2) Is COVID-19 associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, including fetal loss?
3) Can maternal COVID-19 harm the foetus and new-born?

2. The EUROlinkCAT project (Kolding Hospital): 

The EUROlinkCAT is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmean. EUROlinkCAT will use the EUROCAT infrastructure (population-based registries for surveillance of congenital anomalies, CAs) to support 21 EUROCAT registries in 13 European countries to link their CA data to mortality, hospital discharge, prescription and educational databases. One big aim of the EUROlinkCAT is to investigate the health and educational outcomes of children with congenital anomalies for the first 10 years of their lives. In total, an estimated 200,000 children born between 1995-2014 is included. I am responsible to establishing the Danish database with the linked data and to set up and analyse data from all participating registries in some of the specific work packages. You can read more about the EUROlinkCAT here:

3. The WELLIFE project (Copenhagen University): 

The WELLIFE project is a NordForsk funded project using Nordic register data to explore the co-evolution of health and social factors over the life course. Social conditions, such as income, employment and family resources, matter for health, and health matters for participation in society, employment and economic well-being. These associations are well known. What is not that well-known is whether social policy, including labour market policies, modifies the extent to which the onset of illness affect living conditions, in particular employment. Also, the role of social policy in the extent to which critical life events, such as job loss, divorce or health shocks within the close family, translate into poor health and worse living conditions for parents and children. These are some of the questions investigated in the WELLIFE project. You can read more about the project here:

Doctoral thesis

In my doctoral thesis I examined the relationship between the father’s age at conception and the health and viability of the offspring, an association hypothesized to be influenced by paternal gene expression, which can be mutated as a result of the age of the father. The project was a population-based register study using Danish nation-wide registers.

Additionally, I'm involved in the EURO-PERISTAT project, a research-based EU-funded indicator project on perinatal health in Europe, where I am taking part in accomplishing the Danish contribution to the project.

During my PhD programme I was a member of several councils, boards, committees and networks including the PhD Study Board at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH, the Steering Group for the Research Education Program in Epidemiology and Public Health, UCPH, the PhD-KUFIR (University of Copenhagen’s Research and Innovation Council) and KUPE (University of Copenhagen's PhD Erfa Group).

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder


  • Course in Epidemiology at the BSc programme in Public Health Science, University of Copenhagen
  • Course in Methodology (Epidemiology) at the BSc programme in Medicine, University of Copenhagen
  • Course in Social Epidemiology and Widespread Diseases at the BSc programme in Public Health Science, University of Copenhagen


  • Master's theses in the MSc degree programme in Public Health Science and MSc degree programme in Medicine (UCPH)
  • Bachelor's theses in the BSc degree programme in Public Health Science and BSc degree programme in Medicine (UCPH) 
  • 1st year’s Project in Social Epidemiology and Public Health, Disease prevention and Health Promotion, and Sociology at the BSc programme in Public Health Science (UCPH)
  • Internships in the BSc degree programme in Public Health Science (UCPH)

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