Sebastian Kepfer Rojas

Sebastian Kepfer Rojas


  • Skov- og landskabsøkologi

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Telefon: +4535334843

My research delves into diverse facets of ecology and conservation, primarily centering on the interplay between environmental change, biodiversity dynamics, and ecosystem functioning. My focal point lies in temperate and tropical forests, employing a spectrum of methodologies, ranging from conventional approaches to cutting-edge techniques such as eDNA and bioacoustics to unravel the ecological processes that shape ecological communities and forest multifunctionality. Through research and teaching my work focuses on the linkages between ecology, biodiversity, and forest management. I have also a keen interest in the influence of land-use legacies in shaping naturally developing ecosystems. My research operates across spatial scales, from local communities to the global landscape, aiming to contribute essential insights into the conservation and sustainable management of diverse ecosystems.

I am currently teaching at Masters level at two different courses. I am lecturing at the Ecology and Ecosystems Sience in relation to Environmental Economics ( Together with Prof. Inger Kappel-Schmidt, I am responsible for the course Biodiversity in Managed Forests ( 

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