Rikke Buhl

Rikke Buhl


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    Professor and head of Section of Medicine and Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences with 20 scientific staff members. The research group consists currently of three PhD student, and several MSc and BSc students. Research focus is on cardiovascular adaptations to exercise, often termed “Athlete´s Heart” in racehorses with focus on translational perspectives. Especially atrial fibrillation has high interest and the disease is disabling for both horses and people. The horse is an alternative animal model compared to traditionally used models such as rodents and pigs and we show that the horse and human has several similarities regarding this disease. The research with establishing this new animal model has been funded both by the Danish Research Council (2018 and 2021), Marie Curie Horizon 2020 ITN network and Marie Curie Horizon 2020 IF. The studies of atrial fibrillation are ongoing and methods established will be included in future projects.

    Collaborations involve both veterinarians, biologist and MDs. Major collaborators include: Prof. Thomas Jespersen (AF and animal models), and assoc. prof. Steen Larsen (myocardial metabolism), Department of Biomedicine, UCPH. Consultant Steen Pehrson and Jacob Tfelt-Hansen, Rigshospitalet (pacemaker implantation and cardiac mapping), Prof. Pyotr Platonov (AF and animal models), University of Lund, Sweden. Prof. Ulrich Schotten and Assoc. prof. Sander Verheule (AF and tissue characterization), Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Assoc. prof. Mathias Hohl, University of Saarland, Germany (histology and biochemistry) Assoc. prof. Halina Dobrzynski (Athlete’s Heart), University of Manchester, UK. Prof. Prashanthan Sanders, University of Adelaide, Australia (AF, 3D electroanatomical mapping and exercise).


    Primære forskningsområder

    Research has been concentrated within cardiovascular adaptation to exercise, often termed “Athlete’s Heart” in racehorses. This also includes atrial fibrillation in horses as well as Sudden Cardiac Death in equine athletes.  For all projects, the synergy between equine and human research is strong and visible and I hope our research will gain new insight into diseases that are of importance for both horse and man.

    Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

    Teaching of pre- and post graduate Veterinarians within internal medicine curriculum. Also supervision of bachelor (>30 projects) and master student (>25 projects) as well as PhD students is a part of my supervision

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