Peter Rossing

Peter Rossing

Klinisk Professor, Klinisk professor

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  • Intern medicin: endokrinologi

I have in cross-sectional studies investigated key features of the pathophysiology of diabetic complications with focus on the diabetic kidney at different stages and cardiovascular complications. Our research group has continued the search for useful prognostic and predictive new biomarkers of risk for loss of renal function, including markers of endothelial dysfunction, tubular damage markers, markers of inflammation, metabolomic or proteomic based markers in urine and plasma. This was done both in relation to renal and cardiovascular outcome. I have been involved in several intervention studies in patients with overt diabetic nephropathy aiming at improving the prognosis. This has either been in small local investigator initiated studies or as partner or coordinator in multicentre studies, as well as member of steering committees. I have been involved in several EU projects, including as work package leader in SYSKID with 25 partners in total, and more recently coordinator of the FP7 programme PRIORITY with 15 partners aiming at showing the benefit of the urinary proteome based risk marker CKD 273 and intervention in high risk individuals with aldosterone blockade. Coordinator of the Challenge project PROTON on personalised medicine for diabetic kidney disease, and PRIMETIME using biopsies for treatment of kidney disease.

Have been international/national investigator or partner in intervention studies or cohort studies. Member of the steering group for PERL, the phase 3 renal outcome studies Fidelio-DKD/Figaro-DKD, DAPA-CKD and FLOW studying treatment of diabetic kidney disease.

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