Nicole Lind Henriksen

Nicole Lind Henriksen



2018-2022: PhD fellow, Section Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, Copenhagen University

My PhD focuses on the effect of dietary lipids on neurodevelopment using different porcine models of compromised neonates including premature, intra-uterine growth restricted and cholestatic piglets. 

Project 1: Fat emulsifiers to improve neurocognitive development in a preterm piglet model

Project 2: The influence of dietary fat source in infant formula on neurodevelopment in intra-uterine growth restricted piglets

Project 3: Characterizing a neonatal cholestasis piglet model


2010-2016: MSc Veterinary medicine (Companion animal specialization), Copenhagen University

Master thesis: Comparison of canine intradermal and in vitro serum allergy tests

Work experience:

2016-2018: Research assistant, Veterinary Pathology, Copenhagen University

Research areas: Implant associated osteomyelitis in pigs, forensic bruising in pigs, sticky mink kits

Other relevant education: 

Courses in Laboratory animal science (FELASA category ABD), Experimental surgery, Statistics, Basic neuroscience,  In vivo pharmacology, Writing 

Research skills/competencies:

Medical and surgical experimental animal work, primarily with pigs. This includes working with models of prematurity, intra-uterine growth restriction, neonatal cholestasis, implant-associated osteomyelitis and forensic bruising.

In vivo behavioural testing such as beam test, open-field, novel object recognition and spatial plus maze

Ex vivo analyses such as gross pathology, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, conventional microbiology, qPCR and imaging

Forenisc pathological casework 

Teaching and supervision of bachelor and master students

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