Nicolai Skovbjerg Arildsen

Nicolai Skovbjerg Arildsen


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    Nicolai began his academic career with his MSc in Molecular Biomedicine from Copenhagen University under the supervision of Torben Gjetting from the CBIO group at DTU Nanotech. The focus of his master's project was drug delivery by lipid nanoparticles in in vitro and in vivo systems.

    Nicolai went on to complete his PhD in March 2019 at the Medical Faculty at Lund University, Sweden. He worked in the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genomics group of associate professor Ingrid Hedenfalk. During this time he began to master the basics of bioinfomatics and programming in life science. His PhD project focused on using in vitro models and high-throughut 'omics to investigate ovarian cancer.

    In October 2019, Nicolai joined the Leo Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center at the Medical Faculty of University of Copenhagen as a bioinformatics postdoc. His research focus is atopic dermatitis, and Nicolai will work in the gap between clinical and preclinical research, with the aim of uncerovering the underlying biology of atopic dermatitis.

    Udvalgte publikationer

    1. Detecting TP53 mutations in diagnostic and archival liquid-based Pap samples from ovarian cancer patients using an ultra-sensitive ddPCR method

      Arildsen, Nicolai Skovbjerg, Martin de la Fuente, L., Måsbäck, A., Malander, S., Forslund, O., Kannisto, P. & Hedenfalk, I., 29 okt. 2019, I: Scientific Reports. 9, 1, s. 15506

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    ID: 227972192