Nerea Turreira Garcia

Nerea Turreira Garcia


I am an interdisciplinary postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Food and Resource Economics. My background is in environmental sciences (BSc), forest and nature management (MSc) and I hold a PhD degree in environmental management.

Primære forskningsområder

My research interests include participatory approaches, ethnobotany, indigenous and local ecological knowledge, knowledge co-production, use of ICT, citizen science, and civil society actions for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Aktuel forskning

My current line of research focuses on socio-economic aspects related to agroforestry systems, gender dynamics and access to natural resources, use of ICT, sustainable coffee production and climate change.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

I have assisted the teaching of the MSc course ‘Biocultural Diversity’ at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have been a guest lecturer at the MSc courses ‘Applied Ethnobotany’, ‘Tropical Botany’, ‘Rural livelihoods and natural resource governance’ and ‘Interdisciplinary Research Planning’ at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science. I would like to teach about ‘Participatory research and development’.

I have instructed local research assistants to collect plant specimens and conduct questionnaire surveys. I have trained people in rural environments to monitor biodiversity and forest management and conservation.


I do not receive remuneration from any external party

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