Nanna Bonde Thylstrup

Nanna Bonde Thylstrup

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Nanna Bonde Thylstrup is Associate Professor on the Promotion Programme in Modern and Digital Culture. Her research and teaching focuses on data, machine learning and digital infrastructures. She is particularly interested in how digitization and algorithmic processes are changing how we encounter, govern and practice knowledge infrastructures, and the political and ethical dimensions of these changes. Her most recent book, Uncertain Archives: Critical Keywords for the Age of Big Data (co-edited with Daniela Agostinho, Annie Ring, Catherine D’Ignazio and Kristin Veel, MIT Press, 2021), explores the uncertainties of big data infrastructures. Her monograph The Politics of Mass Digitization (MIT Press, 2019) examines different political assemblages of the digitization of cultural memory infrastructures. (W)ARCHIVES: Archival Imaginaries, War, and Contemporary Art (edited by Daniela Agostinho, Solveig Gade, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup and Kristin Veel) investigates digital archiving as an integral technology of warfare and how artists respond to these changes.

She has served on a range of advsiory committees on issues related to digitization. Currently, she is part of the newly established Academic Advisory Committee for the Bodleian Libraries' digital strategy. 

Nanna's research has been funded by European Research Council, Independent Research Fund Denmark, Velux Foundation, International Network Programme and AUFF Starting Grant

She has written for, and been interviewed by, a range of international and national newspapers including El País, The New York Times .  


Research groups

  • Digital Culture
  • Copenhagen Internet & Society Reseach Group (UCPH)
  • Technology & Philosophy (UCPH)
  • Technology & Society cluster (Copenhagen Business School)

Research awards 

2023-2028: “Data Loss: the Politics of Disappearance, Destruction and Dispossession in Digital Societies”, ERC Starting Grant 

2024-2026: “Data Loss: the Politics of Disappearance, Destruction and Dispossession in Digital Societies”, Independent Research Fund Denmark

2020-2023: “AI Reuse”, Independent Research Fund Denmark

2020: “FILTER: Glocal Content Moderation Assemblages”

2018-2020: “Data Wastelands”, AUFF Starting Grant

2015-2019: “Uncertain Archives: Adapting Cultural Theories of the Archive to Big Data Environments”, co-PI (PI: Kristin Veel), Independent Research Fund Denmark

2015-2019: “The Past’s Future: Digital Transformations of National Cultural Heritage Institutions ”, co-PI (PI: Helle Porsdam), Velux Foundation

Authored and co-edited books

  • Thylstrup, N. B., Agostinho, D., Ring, A., D'Ignazio, C., & Veel, K. (Eds.). (2021). Uncertain Archives: Critical Keywords for Big Data. MIT Press.
  • Agostinho, D., Gade, S., Thylstrup, N. B., & Veel, K. (eds.)(2021). (W)archives: Archival Imaginaries, War, and Contemporary Art. Sternberg Press.
  • Ekman, U., Agostinho, D., Thylstrup, N.B., Veel, K. (2020). The Uncertain Image. Routledge.
  • Thylstrup, N. B. (2019). The politics of mass digitization. MIT Press.

Special issues

  • Kaufmann, M., Thylstrup, N.B., Leander, A. Beyond cyberutopia and digital disenchantment: Pragmatic engagements with and from within the internet. First Monday. 25(5).
  • Thylstrup, N.B., Flyverbom, M. and Helles, R. (2019). ”Datafied knowledge production: practices, mechanisms and imaginaries at work in big data analyses”, Big Data and Society. 6(2). 
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  • Veel, K. Thylstrup, N.B., Borgen, M. (2016). “Gender and Crowdsourcing”, Nordisk Tidsskrift for Informationsvidenskab og Kulturformidling.

Journal articles 

  • Hansen, K. B., Thystrup, N. B. (2023) Stack bricolage and infrastructural impermanence in machine learning systems. Journal of Cultural Economy.  
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  • Thylstrup, N. B. (2022). “Crisis times: a reply to ‘Crisis futures: COVID-19 and the speculative turning point of history’ by Ravinder Kaur”. Global Discourse, 12(3-4), 659-663.
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