Naja Hulvej Rod

Naja Hulvej Rod

Professor, Sektionsleder

Primære forskningsområder

My primary research interests are centered around complexity and lifecourse approaches to understand long-term health consequences of stress, impaired sleep and social adversities. I also have a keen interest in epidemiological methododology including causal inference approaches.   

Aktuel forskning

I am Head of the Section of Epidemiology, which is a strong interdisciplinary and international environment that contributes to the development of the field of theoretical epidemiology, with a specific focus on causal inference, complexity and life course epidemiology. 

I am also heading an interdisciplinary research group in Complexity and Big Data in Epidemiology. Health is a complex phenomenon and the aim of the research group is to study the social and biological factors determining health and disease and to elucidate the underlying behavioral, psychological, and physiological mechanisms that might explain these effects. I specifically aim to investigate the health consequences of the accumulation of childhood social adversities and the complex interactions between work, life and health as they evolve across the life span. I have solid experience in working with longitudinal datasets, register-based research and complex modelling including social influences and group dynamics. I also have a particular interest in causal inference and in development and application of new methods in epidemiology, such as interaction and mediation analyses. To embrace complexity in epidemiology I actively explore new sources (e.g. smartphones) of ‘big data’, incorporate system theory thinking and leverage insights across disciplines. I have also been involved in several citizen science project with a direct societal engagement and impact.

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Primary Investigator of the Danish Life Course (DANLIFE) Cohort (, which is a register-based cohort of more than 2 mill Danish children focusing on childhood adversities.

Primary investigator for the citizen science research project ‘Standing together – at a distance: How Danes are living with the Corona Crisis’ (, which documents the public health effects of the crisis.

Primary investigator for the SmartSleep program (, which is a multi-sourced study on mobile phone use, sleep and health.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

PhD courses

  • From Research Idea to Scientific Paper in Public Health
  • Drawing Causal Inference from Epidemiological Data
  • Introduction to Directed Acyclic Graphs

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