Morten Frödin

Morten Frödin


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    Morten Frödin is associate professor and group leader at BRIC, University of Copenhagen. He graduated as MSc in Cell Biology in 1992 from University of Copenhagen. 1992-1993, Dr. Frödin performed a pre-doctoral research stay at the Medical Faculty, University of Nice and in 1997 he was awarded a PhD in molecular biology on research into growth factor regulation of proliferation and differentiation of neuronal cells from the University of Copenhagen. Between 1994 and 1998 he was research biochemist at Glostrup University Hospital, Copenhagen. From 1999 to 2002 he initiated his own research line into signal transduction via growth factor-activated protein kinase cascades at the same institution, spending 2000 at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, with a focus on gene targeting in mice. After a brief stay at the Danish Cancer Society in 2004, he became associate professor and group leader at BRIC in 2004, where he continued his research into protein kinase signaling in health and disease.

    Primære forskningsområder

    Cancer biology

    Protein kinase signal transduction

    Genome engineering

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