Mona Chor Bjørn

Mona Chor Bjørn


I pursue research in areas of ecology including plant- & plant community ecology, plant-pollinator interactions to provide innovative research on sustainable semi-natural herbaceous vegetation for urban and sub-urban environments. I have a special interest in native species and their ecology. Restoration, establishment techniques and management of grassland vegetation types is the core of my research.  


Biodiversity; Botany; Plant Ecology; Plant community Ecology; Plant-pollinator interactions; Nature Management; Sustainability


Aktuel forskning

1. Sustainable and innovative methods for supporting biodiversity on fertile and productive soils. Research in habitat restoration techniques and genetic variation in commercially available seeds and their wild relatives. (Grant from 15. Juni Fonden)

2. Optimising ecosystem services and recreational values of low maintenance SUDS in urban environments  (Grant from VUDP)

3. Cover crops – low resource requiring management of the young forest (Grant from GBHF)

4. Noice barriers; case Ballerup (Grant from GBHF)

5. Science Club (Grant from The Veloux Foundations)

6. Tree bodyguards (Scientific partner/

7. Holistic SUDS Bio-curbs - innovation and documentation of pollutant removal, hydrology, evaporation and biodiversity (Grant from MUDP)

8. Floating vegetated Islands for stormwater management (Grant from VUDP)

ID: 14894936