Michael Gajhede

Michael Gajhede


Professor of Protein Crystallography 

Academic degrees
1982: Cand.scient. (M.Sc.) in Chemistry, University of Copenhagen 
1986: Lic.scient. (Ph.D.) in Chemistry, University of Copenhagen 

Appointments and training
1986: Research Associate, State University of New York at Buffalo
1987: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen
1991: Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen
2002: Professor, Institute of Medicinal Chemistry, Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Other Scientific and Academic Activities
1991-1994: General secretary and member of the board of the Danish Chemical Society
1995-2002: Director of the chemistry education's, University of Copenhagen.
1997-1998: Member of Copenhagen University's evaluation board of educations in chemistry/physics/mathematics
2000: Member of the board of directors of DANSYNC
2000: Member of the information technology strategy board at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen
2004-2007: Chairman of the board of DANSYNC
2004: Member of the program advisory committee, MAXLAB, Lund
2008: Chairman of the board of DANSCATT
2009: Chairman of the IKT board of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2009: Member of the the University of Copenhagen board of research IT

Referee of many manuscripts for international journals especially within the field of X-ray crystallography. Evaluation of university appointments at the associate professor and full professor level (Denmark). External examiner on Danish and Swedish Ph.D. theses. Reviewer for Danish, German, Swedish, Swiss and US national science foundations.



Lic. Scient.

ID: 1304192