Martyn Richard Bone

Martyn Richard Bone


Martyn Bone, associate professor of American literature

My main research areas are the literature and culture of the U.S. South, African American literature, and transnational American studies. I teach a range of courses in American literature, African American literature, U.S. southern literature, American studies, and U.S. popular music.

I am the author of Where the New World Is: Literature about the U.S. South at Global Scales (University of Georgia Press, 2018) and The Postsouthern Sense of Place in Contemporary Fiction (Louisiana State University Press, 2005).

I am the editor of Perspectives on Barry Hannah (University Press of Mississippi, 2007) and coeditor of the University Press of Florida mini-series Creating Citizenship in the Nineteenth-Century South (2013); The American South in the Atlantic World (2013); and Creating and Consuming the American South (2015). 

I have contributed to numerous books including History of the Literature of the U.S. South (Cambridge University Press, 2021), The Oxford Handbook of the Literature of the U.S. South (Oxford University Press, 2016), the New Cambridge Companion to William Faulkner (Cambridge University Press, 2015), and the Cambridge Companion to American Fiction after 1945 (Cambridge University Press, 2011). My articles have appeared in American LiteratureJournal of American StudiesCR: New Centennial ReviewAfrican American Review, and other journals.

I was previously associate professor of English at the University of Mississippi and lecturer in American studies at the University of Nottingham.

 I also coordinate the department's research forum in twenty-first century Anglophone world literatures: see Change and Exchange: Twenty-First Century Anglophone World Literature – University of Copenhagen (

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