Lisa Bøge Christensen

Lisa Bøge Christensen

Lektor emerita

  • Epidemiologic studies of oral health and utilization  of oral health care
  • Treatment patterns of preventive and curative dental services
  • Evaluation of dental health care programmes for all age groups including special programmes with special attention to inequality in access to and use of the current dental care system
  • Development of oral health indicators for quality of careLifestyle and oral health, involved in a multidisciplinary project on lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking, alcohol and physical activity and relation between these factors and oral health among Danes.


Udvalgte aktiviteter

  1.  Tandsundheden bland børn og unge i Københavns kommune

    Christensen, Lisa Bøge (Foredragsholder)

    29 jan. 2010

    Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

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