Linn Gillberg

Linn Gillberg


Linn Gillberg, Postdoc

June 2015 PhD in Epigenetics and Diabetes, University of Copenhagen
Sept 2010 MSc in Human Biology, University of Copenhagen

Dec 2019 – Postdoc, Xlab, Center for Healthy Aging, BMI, University of Copenhagen
2016 – 2019 Postdoc, Epi-/Genome lab, Dept. of Hematology, Rigshospitalet and Grønbæk lab, BRIC, University of Copenhagen
2017 (Oct – Dec) Visiting Postdoc, Epigenetic Therapies, Jones Laboratory, Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, USA
2011 – 2016 PhD student and Research Fellow, Dept. of Endocrinology, Rigshospitalet in close collaboration with Lund University Diabetes Centre, Sweden

Co-supervisor for one PhD student (ongoing), seven MSc Thesis students (two ongoing) and 2 MD students (completed; 2012-2020). Universitetspædagogikum and IUP completed in October 2020.

Teacher at Medicinsk fysiologi og patofysiologi (Odontology, 5th sem., Lectures + SAU) since 2021.
Teacher at Medical Genetics course (Medicine, 2nd sem., Exercises) since May 2020.
Teacher at Basic Pathology course (Medicine, 5th sem., SAU) since 2019.
Lecturer in ‘Epigenetics mechanisms of hematological cancer’ at the PhD course Molecular and Clinical Aspects of Cancer, Norges artktiska universitet, Tromsø, Norway, March 2019.

Research ID: A-1417-2017,

Post doc salary: Danish Diabetes Academy (3 years), Rigshospitalets Forskningspulje (2 years).
PhD salary: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen (1 year); Novo Nordisk Foundation via Danish PhD School of Molecular Metabolism (1 year); Rigshospitalets Forskningspulje (1 year); P. Carl Petersens fond (6 months).
Fellowship abroad (2017): Dr.phil. Ragna Rask-Nielsens Grundforskningsfond.

I contributed to a phase II clinical trial (NCT03999723) where vitamin C is combined with the epigenetic drug Azacitidine in myeloid cancer patients. I also contributed to a promising epigenetic biomarker for prediction of bevacizumab response in recurrent glioblastoma patients.

24-03-2021: DDA arranged webinar “Diabetes and Cancer: How are they linked?” (March 2021)
19-06-2019: Forsker skal undersøge, hvorfor flere brystkræftramte udvikler diabetes type 2 (Danish)
5-10-2016: Overspisning ændrer vores DNA (Novo Nordisk Fonden, Danish)
10-08-2014: Low weight at birth increases the risk of diabetes (Sydsvenskan, Swedish)

ID: 180808969