Lasse Kristoffer Bak

Lasse Kristoffer Bak


Aktuel forskning

Knoglecellers signalering under normale og sygelige tilstande

Farmakokinetik af neurologiske og psykiatriske lægemiddelstoffer

Primære forskningsområder

Min profesionelle ambition (kun engelsk)

I work to understand disease mechanisms, how disease can be precisely diagnosed, and how treatment progress can be monitored via a better understanding of biomarker biology. My interest is focused on, but not limited to, biomarkers for diseases related to bone. I aspire to be known as an expert in biomarker biology and the underlying bioanalytical techniques.

To improve drug treatment of patients, I combine the above work to understand biomarker biology with an effort towards developing clinically useful pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models. As part of this, I aim to capitalize on the Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry’s vast amount of historic therapeutic drug monitoring and biomarker data.

I am devoted to the training of students and junior scientists at all levels within my fields of expertise. I strive to integrate my research activities with my teaching and educational activities. I am making it a priority to take part in community outreach activities.

I value teamwork and know that understanding and appreciating other people’s competencies will make me a stronger team player. I am dedicated to motivating and encouraging my teammates, collaborators, and partners.

Knowing my limitations and the collaborative nature of research, I nurture national and international cross-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships with both public and private organizations.  

I work to obtain state-of-the-art research infrastructure, make efficient use of our resources, and provide a strong scientific and educational environment. I strive to obtain or elevate my expertise within in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo model systems, bioanalysis, and my ability to employ clinical data for research purposes.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Jeg underviser primært i fysiologi og farmakologi med særlig fokus på farmakokinetik. 

Jeg vejleder bachelor- og specialeprojekter indenfor klinisk biokemi og farmakologi. 

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