Lars Pødenphant Kiær

Lars Pødenphant Kiær



In my research, I focus on applying plant ecology to develop smarter and more sustainable cropping systems.

Primære forskningsområder

  • Sustainable crop production through diversification
  • Optimizing plant-plant interactions for sustainable agroecosystems, including variety mixtures and intercrops
  • Phenotyping of crop plant traits in field and mesocosm
  • Modelling functional trait diversity of plant communities
  • Improving spatial and temporal resource use by cultivated plants above and below ground
  • Yield stability across field sites and years
  • Crop traits for enhanced weed competition
  • Plant trait plasticity and the effect on trait diversity and plant-plant interactions
  • Managing agrobiodiversity for enhanced pest control
  • Innovative cropping systems inspired by nature
  • Population genetics and molecular phylogenetics
  • Plant reproductive biology and hybridization
  • Root growth and chemical interactions in the rhizosphere, including allelopathy and kin recognition via volatile organic compounds
  • Statistical analysis of field trials, including linear mixed models and meta-analysis
  • Meta-analysis in ecology and agriculture
  • Development of image analysis techniques for non-invasive measurement of plant traits, plant-plant and plant-insect interactions

ID: 9718766