John Elmerdahl Olsen

John Elmerdahl Olsen


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    My research group "Molecular Veterinary Microbiology" currently consists of three Associate Professors (Line Elnif Thomsen, Henrik Christensen and Ana Herrero-Fresno), one Assistant Professor, two Post Doc fellows, five PhD students, and a varying number of Graduate Students and Technicians. We focus our research on prevention of diseases in animals caused by pathogenic bacteria, and where relevant, prevention of similar diseases in humans. Thus my current projects relates to:

    1) Strateiges used by Salmonella and APEC/UPEC E. coli to prevail in the host with emphasis on metabolic adaptations in the bacteria and factors of the bacteria and host(s) which determines host spectrum of infection.

    2) Selection of antimicrobial resistant E. coli and Salmonella, and the molecular mechanisms involved in spread of resistance among these bacteria with a dual focus on treatement of diarrhoaeal diseases in pigs and resistance in general in livstock and humans in low and middle income countries.

    3) Adapations taking place in multi drug resistant E. coli when they grow in the presence of high concentrations of antimicrobials.

    4) Molecular (qPCR and whole genome sequence based) methods for detection and typing of pathogenic and antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

    5) Development of improved vaccines against post weaning diarrhoea in pigs.

    6) Alternatives to antimicrobials (plant extracts and bioactive fermentation products from milk) including development of resistance to plant extracts.

    The research is funded by public funding bodies (Danish Research Council, Innovation Fund Denmark, GUDP, EU-ITN) and I collaborate with researchers at my own and other Danish Universities (Sourthern University of Denmark, Danish Technical University, Roskilde University), Universities abroad (Brookes University, Oxford, UK, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, University of Düsseldorf, Germany, Sassari University, Italy, Wageningen University, Netherlands), International Research Organizations (IRTA, Spain, Porte Conte Richerce, Italy) as well as private companies in form of Danish Agricultural Organisation (SEGES), LVK vet practice, DNA-diagnostics, AdaptVac, Naicons, ABAC and NUREX.

    I teach clincal microbiology and biomedicine at the Veterinary degred programs.  




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