Jette Jacobsen

Jette Jacobsen


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    The research gains fundamental knowledge about drug delivery in the oral cavity to alleviate local disorders or for systemic drug administration. Elucidation of oromucosal absorption barrier properties and development of biorelevant in vitro methods to study oromucosal toxicity and permeability of drugs and excipients: I) mechanistic understanding of bioadhesivness, drug release and drug absorption,  II) in vitro-in vivo correlation of toxicity and permeability of drugs (cell culture, modified Ussing chamber, bioavailability studies in animals); III) development of aqueous gel for alleviation of mucosal disorders or food lubricant


    Key words: Oromucosal drug delivery – adhesion  – anti-adhesion - biorelevant in vitro models (cell culture, Ussing chamber) - permeability – bioavailability – IVIVC -  toxicity of drugs and formulated drugs/excipients – mucus - absorption barrier - absorption enhancement – absorption retardment  - surfactants –- lubrication - humectants

    ID: 1298256