Jesper Levring Andersen

Jesper Levring Andersen

Lektor, administrationschef

I got a MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen in 1996, and was employed as a research assistant in 1998. I obtained the PhD degree in 2005, and is currently associate professor combined with being head of administration. I primarily undertake consultancy work for the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark in relation to fisheries, but do also with a minor role participate in research projects.

Primære forskningsområder

My primary research interests are within bioeconomic modelling, productivity and efficiency analysis of the fishing vessels and issues of fisheries management. I have been involved in data collection issues within fisheries and how the available data can be applied to research and public sector consultancy. Furthermore, I have been involved in a range of EU and nationally funded research projects.

Aktuel forskning

Lately, I have been working on analysing the potential economic consequences for Danish fishermen following BREXIT. Also, I have analysed the expected economic situation for Danish fishermen in the Baltic Sea following the reduced quota levels in 2020. Another topic, which I have investigated lately is issues and consequences of quota concentration in Danish fisheries.

Mulige interessekonflikter

Appointed member by the EU Commission and elected as vice-chair of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Commitee for Fisheries (STECF)

ID: 4232984