Jens-Peter Barnekow Lillesø

Jens-Peter Barnekow Lillesø


30+ years postgraduate experience in Asia and Africa. In recent years, the emphasis of my work has been on institutional and organisational change as well as research on conditions for developing rural enterprises for input-supply and using potential natural vegetation as recommendation domains.

Presently senior researcher at IGN with field of work Tree Seed Systems for improving smallholders’ livelihoods and cash incomes. Teaching MSc Courses of Agroforestry and of Tropical Forest Restoration. Co-author of <> of Eastern Africa and of Vegetation map of Nepal (in prep.).

5 years with ICRAF as senior scientist with responsibility for investigating tree seed systems in Burkina Faso, Malawi and Uganda - intended to be of wider relevance and potential application to the Sahel, Southern Africa, and Eastern Africa.

In Nepal worked in the capacity of technical specialist, acting chief technical adviser and consultant. The work included project strategy formulation for silviculture and for decentralised seed distribution, review of project objectives and activities in accordance with new strategies. Elaboration of ecologically based tools for community forestry, silviculture and biodiversity conservation through contracts with NGOs and individual local experts and establishment of decentralised seed production of farmland woody plants.

In Indonesia as a provincial seed centre adviser and as a tree seed procurement specialist. Work included silviculture and management of seed sources in tropical rain forest and advising organisations on set-up of seed procurement.

In Vanuatu (part of Melanesian region) work covered local use of forest resources and support to community organisations in South Pacific countries.

In Vietnam, work covered project management, monitoring and evaluation as well as forest management planning.

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