Janine Marie Traulsen

Janine Marie Traulsen

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    1991 Fil.dr. (Sociology) The University of Lund, Sweden

    1980 B.A. (Sociology) Goddard College, Vermont, USA


    • 2016 - Present External Lecturer, Section for Social & Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen 
    • 1996 – 2016. Associate Professor, Section for Social & Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
    • 2005 Member of Multi-disciplinary Research Team – on contract for WHO in Kiev
    • 2002 Member of Multi-disciplinary Research Team - Euro Health Group on contract for WHO
    • 2000 Member of Multi-disciplinary Research Team – on contract in Tanzania for DANIDA
    • 1988-1996 Assistant Professor/Research Associate, The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
    • 1991-1995 External Lecturer/Research Associate. Institute for Technology and Society. DTU
    •  1985-1988 Project Leader “Family Planning Service Delivery in Denmark”. Medical Faculty, University of Copenhagen. Financed by Office of Population Affairs, Dept. Health & Human Services, Washington, D.C
    • 1982-1987 Scientific Consultant (fulltime position). World Health Organization European Regional fice, Copenhagen. a) 1982-85 Health Education Unit (Health Promotion) b) 1985-87 Global Program for Appropriate Health Care Technology Tasks included: coordination of research activities; administrative responsibility for international meetings; communicating the work and program of the WHO to international audiences  



    Over 25 years of research experience. Main areas of research include: medical sociology; pharmaceutical policy; the pharmacy profession; medical technology assessment; fertility – including several studies on abortion and repeat abortion. Over 15 years’ experience with pharmaceutical policy and evaluation research including several projects analyzing the effects of the liberalization/deregulation of the pharmacy sector in Iceland and Denmark.  Author/co-author of four books. Have published over 90 scientific articles and numerous chapters in books and hundreds of articles in popular format.


    Over 25 years of teaching experience within the curricula for social science and medicine (social pharmacy) on the undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.d. level. Main topics: pharmaceutical policy; medical sociology; research methods & research theories in social sciences; Medical Technology Assessment. Member of the study board & curriculum committees  Danish Pharmaceutical Univ- 1990’s. Active in the implementation of the Master of Drug Management program, member of Pharma Study Board since 1999. Supervisor for over 10 Ph.d. students; opponent on numerous Ph.d. dissertations (in Denmark, Sweden Finland); member of the review committee for various academic positions.


    • Member Topical Advisory Panel - Pharmacy 2022 - present
    • Member Editorial Board - Pharmacy - 2018-2022
    • Member Editorial Board - International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 2012-2022
    • Member of the Scientific Committee - 9th Nordic Social Pharmacy & Health Services Research Conference, 2019
    • Member of the Scientific Committee – International Social Pharmacy Workshop 2014
    • Member of LSU, Department of Pharmacy 2012-present • Member of Uddannelsesrådet for PharmaSchool 2012-present • Member of Uddannelsesledelsekredsen, SUND/KU 2012-present
    • Scientific Advisory Board: Research Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, University of Iceland. 2007- present. • Head of the Masters in Drug Management Education 2010-present.
    • Member of the Study Board, Master’s Program School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1999-present • Member of Stipendieudvalget, FARMA 1996 - 2012
    • Member of the working group for the project”Test yourself”, Danish Board of Technology 2010- 2011
    • Assessment Committee for Professor of social science. Norsk Center for Elektronisk Patientjournal 2005
    • Steering Group 2nd and 3rd Nordic Social Pharmacy and Health Services Research Conferences, .Finland 2005 Copenhagen 2007
    • Peer reviewer: Pharmacy World and Science; International Journal of Pharmacy Practice
    • Appointed Member: Scientific Committee 14th International Social Pharmacy Workshop. Oxford, July, 2006.

    The following is a selection of projects for which I have been advisor.

    Main Supervisor – Ph.d. projects:

    • 2000 Risk of future Drugs – expert & citizen perspectives
    • 2004 Drug distribution in Denmark – in light of deregulation
    • 2008 Management and organization in Danish Pharmacies
    • 2012 Patients as consumers – A qualitative study on lay perspectives on the medical management of atopic dermatitis
    • Current Medicine use for non-disease conditions among young persons.
    • Current Counterfeit medicines – falsified medicines and European consumers
    • Co-supervisor – numerous Ph.d. projects (selected titles)
    • 2009 Analysis of local organizational measures important for lasting implementation of the first publicly reimbursed pharmacy service "check inhalation" – an explorative case study of seven Danish pharmacies
    • 2013 Encounters with medicines among ethnic minorities with chronic conditions: Perspectives from policy, professionals and patients
    • 2016. Fighting for Patient Safety: A qualitative case study on the role of private stakeholders and national authorities in the making of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive

    Main Supervisor – numerous masters projects: (selected titles dealing with pharmaceutical policy)

    • 2009 Cross-border healthcare at the pharmacy –a case study concerning the Eu’s influence on Danish community pharmacies
    • 2010 Counterfeit medicines – a case study of Denmark
    • 2013 The future of the Danish drug distribution system 2013 Market Access for new hospital drugs in the context of the economic crisis
    • 2016 Falsified Medicines Directive


    See separate publications list 



    Fil.dr. Sociologi

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