Hilda Rømer Christensen
Hilda Rømer Christensen


Current position:
Associate Research Professor, University of Copenhagen 1996-present

Head of the Co-Ordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen, 1996 – present: http://koensforskning.soc.ku.dk/english/

Head of Gender Certificate. An interdisciplinary Educational initiative on Gender And Body Dynamics.  University of Copenhagen. http://koensforskning.soc.ku.dk/english/gendercertificate/

Previous positions:
Associate Research professor, University of  Aarhus, and Copenhagen, Visiting scholar at the following universities: Fudan University, Nordic Centre 2013 + 2014, Smith College, Mass. USA 2004-2005,Cambridge University, Clare Hall  2000,  The Goethe University, Frankfurt a.m. Germany. 1994, Institute of Historical Research, University of London/Carlsberg foundation 1991-92, Visiting Scholar at Institute for Research on Women and Gender. Columbia University, New York./ ACLS Fellow  1989

Cand.phil 1982, Aarhus University (Modern History)PhD 1991, Aarhus University (Modern History)

Scientific commitees, expertgroups etc.
Styreleder (chair) at the Board of Nordisk Institut for Kvinde- og Kønsforskning, Oslo appointed by Nordisk Ministerråd./ Danish Minister of Equality, 2004-2005.

2010- present: Sino- Danish University Centre, Beijing: Member of Scientific committee on Welfare and Innovation.

2013 – present: member of the EU/ FP 8/ HORIZON 2020:  Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions’ Advisory Group / appointed by the EU Commission.

2014 – present: member of the EU/ FP 8/ HORIZON 2020/ Advisory Group on Gender, appointed by the EU Commission.

Academic awards and honors:
2004 – 2005: Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholar in Residence Fellowship, Smith College, USA

2000: Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall College, Cambridge, UK

1996: International Federation of University Women Recognition Award.

Management experiences etc.                                                              
2006-2007: Head of TRANSGEN. SSA  project financed by the European Commission. FP 6. 2007-2011. Partner in FEMCIT. Integrated project financed by the European Commission/ FP6

2009-2012: Partner in SKILL-RAIL. European Rail programme.  SSÅP/ EU FP 7 Programme .

2012-2015: Member of the EU COST Action: Gender, Science, Technology and Environment – gender STE. 

Other Scientific Qualifications:

Styreleder (chair) at the Board of Nordisk Institut for Kvinde- og Kønsforskning, Oslo appointed by Nordisk Ministerråd./ Danish Minister of Equality, 2004-2005.

Member of the board of external examiners  Exercise and Sports Sciences. 1998 - 2006.

Member of the board of external examiners of Ethnicity and Cultural Studies 2004

Member of the National  SSH-reference-netværk (for social science og humanities). Council of research and Innovation. Appointed by University of Copenhagen. 2009 ff

Planning/convener of international conferences:
Gender Studies at the Cutting Edge of European Research. Københavns Universitet 2002

Gender and Religion, Københavns Universitet, 2004.

Intersectionality: Gender, Race, Class. Either or – or  both and? Københavns Universitet 2005

Gender and Religion in Global Perspectives. International Conference. Københavns Universitet 2006

Gendering Climate and Sustainability. International Conference. Københavns Universitet 2009

Feminist Materialisms. International Conference. University of Copenhagen, 2012

Copenhagen Master Class in Gender and Body with prof. Aihwa Ong, 2014, 

Recent research- and educational co-operation:

Research workshop, Peking University, August 30-31, 2012. Main themes : Family, Demography, Labour and Communication, 40 participants.  ( with  Danish + PKU departments and Vip.s )

Research symposium, Fudan University, October, 2013:  30 participants ( with Danish +  Fudan University VIPs)

International short summer term,  Shanghai University/ HRC  invited Guest lecturer at international short summer term. June 2013

Research workshop: Middle class and young generation in the process of Modernitzatin. Joing workshop of China and the Nordic Countires.  Institute of Sociology, CASS. Beijing 30. September2014. ( with Nordic +  CASS VIPs)

Ph.d. course: Gender, Generation, Modernization. Fudan University, May 2015. ( co-teacher with Nordic and Chinese VIPs – 30 research students)

International summer-schools: Gender and Body Dynamics, China- Denmark, University of Copenhagen 2012 + 2014.  In August 2015 with prof. Yifei Shen from Fudan University as co-teacher.

Recent Papers and invited presentations.

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Lu Xun and the New Chinese Woman. Preliminary Thoughts and Perspectives. Paper presented at Lu Xun. A Scientific and Cultural Dialogue between East and West. 6th Academy Forum of the International  Society of Lu Xun Studies. Dusseldorf University/Confucius Institute. July 1-3, 2015.

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Presentation: The Lure of car-culture in post socialist China.  Gender, Class, and Nation.

Expert interview: Sådan håndterer du køn. ( 7-7-2015) 

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Promoting talents, Spreading Excellence. MSCA 2014 Conference, Trento 14-18 November, 2014

Hilda Rømer Christensen: From Kingdom of Bicycles to Land of the Car: Car Culture and Gender in Urban China. Fudan University. Shanghai. invited paper to  Conference Global Transitions to Sustainable Production and Consumption Systems  Fudan University, Shanghai, June 8, 2014.

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Concepts rather than theories: The Making of the “New” Middle Class Home in China. Invited roundtable presentation at The 25th Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association Lund, August 2014

Gender, Welfare, Citizenship Denmark – China. China Women’s  Federation – Research Department  Beijing( February 2012)

Remaking middle Class Families. Denmark, China. Gender Dynamics in the 21.st century. Exchanges between Denmark and  China ( Peking University,  August, 2012)

World Dynamics in Micro Perspectives: (Re)making Middle Class Families, China-Denmark.  Production, Consumption, Welfare. Invited lecture, Hebei University, China. October 2012

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Family Dynamics in post-industrial society. (Re)making Middle  Class Familiy Homes, China- Denmark. Working paper 2012r 21 pp

Hilda Rømer Christensen: Gender, Space and Place in the 21st century. Summary translated in to Chinese in Chinese Social Sciences Today  Hilda Rømer Christensen: From Kingdom of Bicycles to Land of the Car: Car Culture and Gender in Urban China. Department of Sociology, Fudan University. Shanghai . November 2013.

Editorial Boards
Member of the editorial board of Aarbog for Arbejderbevægelsens Historie.) 1985-1991.

Member of the Editorial Board at Aarhus University Press � spec. women's studies section. 1985-1988

Member of the editorial Board of Arbejderhistorie 1993-1996.

Editor in chief of the Danish research journal: Kvinder, Køn og Forskning 1996 ff.

Member of the editorial Board of Nora. Nordic Journal of Women’s Studies 2007 ff

External assessments boards, Ph.d. supervison etc.
Member of the board of external examiners of Ethnicity and Cultural Studies 2004 ff 

Dec. 1999: Opponent  Licentiatseminar. Luleå Universitet

February 2003: Ph.d. committee,  Deparment of History, University of Aarhus. Dissertation.

Betygsnamn ( assessment committee/ doctoral dissertation), University of Lund 2005. (  Ulrikka Holgersen)

Assessment committee University of Aalborg, 2005 + 2007 ( Ph.d. and post.doc)

Assessment committee University of Aalborg 2010 - 11 ( ass. Professors)

Ph.d. assessment committee. Department of Sociology 2013.

PhD supervisor for 2 ph.d. projects at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen 2012-2015. 

  1. Michala Hvidt Breengaard: Breasts and Bottles. Motherhood and infant feeding in post socialist China. (working title)  (2013-2015)
  2. Anne-Sofie Bach: Henpecked Husbands and Power Women? : Negotiating Masculinity, Power and Status Relations within the Heterosexual Couple (working title)( 2013-2015)

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