Henrik Franzyk

Henrik Franzyk


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    • 1991: MSc. Engineering (Chemistry), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
    • 1993: PhD (Natural Products Chemistry), DTU.



    • 1993: Researcher, FeF Chemicals A/S.
    • 1994-1996: Postdoc at Carlsberg Laboratory. Peptide, carbohydrate and solid-phase chemistry (with Prof. Morten Meldal).
    • 1996-1997: Research assistant professor, Dept. Organic Chemistry, DTU.
    • 1997: Postdoc at Colorado State University, Fort Collins (June-December).
    • 1998-2000: Research associate professor, Dept. Organic Chemistry, DTU.
    • 2000- : Associate professor, Dept. Drug Design and Pharmacology Pharmacology (formerly Dept. Medicinal Chemistry), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.


    MSc Engineering, PhD

    ID: 1302063