Henning Otte Hansen

Henning Otte Hansen


Medlem af:

    MSc in Agricultural Economics from KVL in 1983
    B.com. in International business management from CBS in 1984
    PhD in Agricultural Policy from KVL in 1986
    MSc in Commercial Science from CBS in 1988
    Seniorrådgiver, Afdeling for Production and Technology Division, IFRO
    Agribusiness economics,
    Globalization and food markets
    Ad hoc teaching
    Supervisor for MSc students
    External presentations for stakeholders
    Administrative tasks, committees, etc.
    Editor of “Tidsskrift for Landøkonomi”

    Mulige interessekonflikter

    Henning Otte Hansen collaborates with employees and companies within the agri-food industry for purposes such as:

    · Inviting guest lecturers from companies to give presentation for students,

    · Writing case studies based on specific companies og industries (to be published and mostly peer reviewed).

    · Writing papers, articles etc. involving specific companies and industries (to be published and peer or non-peer reviewed).

    · Oral presentations for companies, industries and stakeholders.

    Specific roles (all temporary):

    • He is chairman of the board of Økologisk Komplemantarselskab ApS, and board member of SEGES Innovations Fonden.

    • He is board member of PJD pension (pension company), Dansk Agronomforening and revisor Oluf Christian Olsen og hustru Julie Rasmine Olsens mindefond

    • He is censor at different universities in Denmark

    • He is an assessment expert in tax disputes cases appointed by the University of Copenhagen.

    • Henning Otte Hansen does receive salaries for board memberships, external presentations, writings, textbooks etc. in some cases.

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