Fei Gao

Fei Gao


Research profile

I have worked exclusively with epigenetic regulation on mammalian development and diseases, using cutting-edge next-generation sequencing based multi-omics (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, etc) technologies and bioinformatics tools. For the past five years, the main focused area has been to how diet and microbiota in early life influence organ function and pathology via epigenetic mechanisms. Together with colleagues in the Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, we have studied the gastrointestinal-, liver-, brain-, immune-, and circulatory systems using specialized pig models to reflect human disease in early life.

Three aspects were focused: 1) development of novel next-generation sequencing based technologies and bioinformatic tools; 2) profiling of epigenomic landscape of development and disease states of mammas; and 3) epigenetic effects of the environmental factors (e.g. nutrients, microbes, oxygen) on mammalian development and diseases.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Teaching and supervision

  • Supervisor (daily supervision) of 4 PhD students (ongoing), 1 MSc students (ongoing);
  • Lecturer at PhD course “Mammalian Genomics (2018)”;
  • Lecturer at PhD course “Food, health and philosophy in East and West (2017-2019)”

Aktuel forskning

Research funding

2018-2021    Co-PI “Fecal microbiota transplantation to support gut colonization and to prevent infection and antimicrobial resistance in newborn pigs”, Independent Research Fund Denmark, 5.5 mio. DKK.

2018-2021   PI “Talented Youth Scientist Program at CAAS”,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 3 mio. CNY

2017-2021   Co-PI “Colostrum for Newborn Infants, NEOCOL”Danmarks Innovationsfond,33.7 mio. DKK

2015- 2025   PI “Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program ASTIP”, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 15 mio. CNY

2016- 2019   Co-PI, “Bioactive milk to stimulate gut immune defense in infants born with perinatal inflammation, STIMMUNE”, Arla Foods for Health, 10.2 mio. DKK

2013-2018   Co-PI “Early milk and microbiota to stimulate later immunity, NEOMUNE”,The Danish Council for Strategic Research, 60 mio. DKK

Other activities and qualifications

  • Member of the Professional Committee of Germ-free Animals, Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences
  • Member of Youth Committee and Member of Epigenetics Committee, the Genetics Society of China(2012-2018)

  • Deputy director of Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genetic Data Analysis, Ministry of Agriculture, China

Co-founder of the biotechnology company E-GENE Co.,Ltd. in China (2013-)

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