Erik Bisgaard Madsen

Erik Bisgaard Madsen

Prodekan for erhvervs- og myndighedssam.

Curriculum vitae

for Erik Bisgaard Madsen 

Date of birth

9 February 1955 

Work address


Faculty of Science
University of Copenhagen
1870 Frederiksberg C
Phone +45 3533 2011


Home address


Henrik Thomsens Vej 10
3460 Birkerød

Mobile +4540450883 



Strength in strategic decisions and actions, innovation,
collaboration and communication.
Married to Helle Staberg.
Three sons. 



GCE, A level, 1974

DVM, 1980

PhD (Lic. med. vet.) 1984

BCom, financing, 1990

Postgraduate training/diploma in leadership/management:
Mannaz-VL, Copenhagen, 1999-2000

Wharton Business School, 2004

University of Cape Town, 2007

Executive program for board members in financial institutions, Copenhagen, 2011.

Certificate from the leadership program Advanced Business Development, The Danish Centre for Leadership, 2012

Certificate from the Innovation Leadership Challenge and Stanford Innovation Program, 2013.

Certificate from the senior executive program for board members,“Board Academy” 2014. 

Work experience
























































































University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, January 2012-
Associate Dean for Private and Public Sector Services. Member of the Faculty Management.

Areas of responsibility include development and implementation of a strategy for private and public sector services, and for the faculty business and innovation strategy, industrial PhDs and postdocs, entrepeneurship, IPR, spin-outs, and public sector services.

Member of University of Copenhagen’s Research and Innovation Council.


Implementation of the faculty strategy and action plan for collaboration with private and public sectors, 2012-16, see

Strategic collaboration with private companies like Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Arla Foods, Grundfos,  Haldor Topsoe, Carlsberg and with public sector organizations like the Ministry of the Environment and Food

Several industry-university workshops on R&I

Forming a FOOD Knowledge and Innovation Community and board member of the European Executive Board for Food NEXUS (2015-)

Organizing a university-industry study trip to R&I institutions in Israel (2015)

Development and implementation of SCIENCE stakeholder strategy (2015-)

Development and implementation of a branding project at SCIENCE (2015-)

Establishment of the Arla Research Center for Dairy Health and Nutrition (2014-)

Chairman of the faculty Working Group for Development and initiating a development strategy and action plan (2014-)

Establishment of Science Dating events (2013-)

Initiator of the newsletter “SCIENCE Business Update” (2013-).  

Establishment of a group of industrial ambassadors (2013-)

Initiator of four young investigator teams with focus on training in university-industry collaboration (2013-)

Several cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives in eg. the Danish INNO+ program (2013-)

Strategic management of R&I projects as chair/vice-chair of the boards for the cross-institutional R&I platforms “BioValue” and “NEOMUNE” and as a member of the Steering Committee of the Nordic Co-location Center for the Climate KIC (2012-)

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences 2010-2011
Associate Dean for Research. Member of The Faculty Management. Chairman of the faculty Research Committee.

Areas of responsibility included new strategies on PhD-education, veterinary research, professorships, external funding for research, elite-research areas, public sector services, and faculty-industry partnerships.

Member of University of Copenhagen’s Research and Innovation Council.

Chairman of the ad hoc Forest Policy Commission, under The Danish Ministry for the Environment.   

Development of a strategy for the PhD program at the faculty and implementation of action plan.

Chairman for the working group “Report on strategic development of veterinary research at KU-LIFE, 2012-2016”

Strategic research contracts with big Danish companies like Novo Nordisk, Danisco, and Arla Foods.

During 2011 I was deeply engaged in the process for a merger between Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Science.

DANSKE SLAGTERIER (Danish Bacon & Meat Council – DBMC)/Danish Meat Association (DMA)/Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC), 1995-2010
Director and member of the Board of Directors, 1995-2010.

At first with responsibility for the department of Veterinary and Food Advisory Service, incl. research activities and veterinary health control.

Deputy CEO of the DBMC and the DMA 2005-2010.

Director of Departments for Food Safety and Politics & Communication 2006-10. 

Direct responsibility for +100 employees and a budget of 140 MDKK.

Areas of responsibility included strategic planning, R&D strategy, food safety, food legislation, risk assessment, retail & foodservice, international activities, export and markets aspects. Furthermore responsible for contact to national and international authorities.

Development of food safety and control schemes as well as contingency planning.

Ensuring market access via negotiations and lobbying activities in eg. Russia, US, Japan, UK and Germany.

Trouble shooting in relation to export problems.

Development of a research strategy for food safety and a priority process for research themes. 

During 2005, I had a central position in merging the activities of the Danish Bacon & Meat Council, the Danish Livestock and Meat Board, and the Danish Poultry Board into the new organization Danish Meat Association (DMA).

I played a central role in the development and implementation of an entirely new strategy for the Danish Meat Association (DMA) with focus on societal acceptance, generation of knowledge for the benefit of farmers and member companies, and maximum market access.

From June 2009 I took a position as director for a new unit for food safety and veterinary issues in The Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) which was a merger of The Danish Agricultural Council, Farmers Union, Danish Dairy Board, Danish Pig Production and Danish Meat Association.

Development of a strategy and action plan for food safety matters in relation to Danish agricultural food products and for handling of the veterinary contingency planning.

Key account management for DAFC member companies in the Danish pork industry. Development of new business plans to create value for money.

Strategy for pork related applications to the research fund “Svineafgiftsfonden”.

“Kvæggruppen”, Veterinary Counseling 1992-95
Co-founder and -owner. Veterinary counseling in animal health, and training as well as initiator of newsletters for practitioners.

Cooperation with research institutions like the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (now University of Copenhagen), the Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research (now the Technical University of Denmark), the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (now University of Aarhus). Arrangement of several seminars with international guest researchers. Annual turnover of 2MDKK.
Organizing of appr. 100 course days for veterinary practitioners, and 100 herd health advisory visits/services per year.

CEO. Management of accounts for 200 general practitioners, and development of software programs for the management of debtors as well as programs for veterinary counseling, including considerable input of Danish and international research results. Annual turnover of 35 MDKK
Development of new ICT platforms for management of debtors and veterinary counseling.

Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research (now Technical University of Denmark), 1985-1990
Senior scientist and advisor. Research in the prevention of cattle diseases and extension service for dairy farmers.

Considerable connection and cooperation with scientists from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (now University of Copenhagen) and the Danish Agricultural Sciences (now university of Aarhus); also international liaison, in particular with Dutch and American scientists.
Development of a new veterinary extension service “Rådgivningstjenesten vedrørende kvægsygdomme”. Appr. 100 annual thorough analyses of herds with  health problems, and engagement in joint research programmes with Danish universities.

The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, RVAU (now University of Copenhagen), 1982-1985
PhD-student specialized in veal calf health disorders. PhD thesis “Diseases in the veal calf production. Epidemiological studies and health control in specialized veal calf herds”, 1984.

After PhD defence employed at RVAU via a grant from the Agricultural and Veterinary Board of Health. Research cooperation in particular with Danish Agricultural Sciences (now University of Aarhus) and the Danish Veterinary Institute (now the Technical University of Denmark), as well as cooperation with several international scientists.
PhD thesis, and joint research activities

Ansager Animal Hospital 1980-82
Assisting veterinary practitioner with main focus on dairy cattle and trotting horses.
As one out of six veterinary practitioners I took part in the therapeutic and consultancy businesses.

Development of a database-counseling system for dairy herds.

Relevant work experience
Executive manager of the 2 year post graduate course for veterinary practitioners  “Kvægfagdyrlægeuddannelsen”, Danish Veterinary Association, 1987-1994

Member of  the Food Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries 2001-2010

Board member of The Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research 2004-2006

Board member of the board of The Technical University of Denmark 2006-2010

Chairman of the technical committee for Health, Food and Welfare (“FØSU”)  under The Danish Strategic Research Council 2006-2010

Member of the Food Control Committee under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries 2006-2010.

Member of University of Copenhagen’s Research and Innovation Council, 2010-

Member of the University Forum for Public Sector Services, 2010-

Board member The Danish Centre for Advanced Food Studies 2011-12

Board member, Danish Dairy Research Foundation 2011-

Board member, FoodBEST/Foodnexus Nordic 2012-

Board member, Mobile Fitness A/S (2012).

Chairman of the faculty Working Group for Development, 2013

Chair/vicechair of the boards of the R&I platforms NEOMUNE and Bio-Value, 2013-

Board member, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster/CLEAN, 2013-

Board member Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation, 2013-

Vice-chair, Danish Food Cluster, 2013-

Board member, BioRefining Alliance, 2014-

Board member, AgroTech Foundation, 2014-15

Member of the Steering Committee, the Nordic Co-Location Centre for the Climate KIC, 2014-

Member of the Advisory Group for external research funding, Copenhagen Business School, 2014-

Member of the Expert Panel for InnoBooster at Innovation Fund Denmark, 2015-

Member European Executive Board for Foodnexus, 2015-

Boardmember UCPH Housing Foundation, 2015-


Positions of trust

Chairman of the board of the pension fund “Pensionskassen for Jordbrugsakademikere og Dyrlæger” (2007-

Chairman of the ad hoc Committee for Forest Policy 2010-11 (Danish Ministry of the Environment).

Chairman of the board of Birkeroed Bicycle Club, 2015-

Board member, VL67 network, 2015-


Networking groups

VL67, 2000-

Club9, CfL, The Danish Centre for Leadership (CfL), 2009-15

Chairman of the network FØSU Academy, 2010-14

ABD71, CfL, The Danish Centre for Leadership, 2012-


Leisure time sports

Biking, tennis, skiing


Scientific publications

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