Emil Børty Nielsen

Emil Børty Nielsen


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Research projects

Meaning and sustainable living

Im currently beginning a new research project concerning the concept of meaning. The first step is to define and understand the concept of meaning drawing on perspectives from theology, philosophy and psychology. The second step is to apply these insigts to the climate crisis and the need for behavioral change.

The nature and methods of Christian apologetics

In my ph.d.-thesis I constructed a framework for understanding the field of Christian apologetics. This work has raised a number of interesting questions that im currently working on: apologetics and communication ethics, apologetics and rhetorics, imaginative apologetics and the repulsive nature of the cross, belief, faith and agnosticism.

Research interests

Epistemology, faith and reason, Christian apologetics, ethics, arguments for the existence of God, faith and science, meaning, emotions and cognition, agnosticism, persuasion, cognitive bias, 

Alister McGrath, Richard Swinburne, Stanley Hauerwas, C. S. Lewis, Roy Baumeister

Aktuel forskning

The nature of meaning

What is meaning? How is the concept understood in varioues contexts?  What can we learn about meaning from theology, philosophy and psychology? How do we as individuals and society live meaningful lives? What different views are there on the meaning or purpose of life?

Meaning and sustainable living

How can insights from theology, philosophy and psychology help us in dealing with the climate crisis and the problem of creating lasting behavioral changes in society? What different visions of sustainable living are formed by different religious and secular views of life? 

Meaning and animals

How does sensual experience impact meaning-making regarding animals in contrast to information and imagination?

Are non-human animals meaning-seeking beings? What does this imply for meat production?

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