Christina Christoffersen

Christina Christoffersen



1995,             High School - Science. Naestved High School.

2003,             MD, University of Copenhagen.

2006,             PhD, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen

2014,             DMSc, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen



2003-2006,    PhD student, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet.

2006-2007,    Post.doc position, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet.

2007-2009,    Medical internship, Region Zealand, Hospital South, Nykøbing Falster Sygehus.

2009-2010,    Introduction post, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet.

2010-2013,    Post.doc position, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet.

2013-,            Specialist training in Clinical Biochemistry, Region H

2013-,           Associate Professor at BMI, Panum Institute


2010-,            Daily responsibility for the research group lead by Prof. Lars Bo Nielsen, Rigshospitalet.

2011-2013,    Union representative for medical doctors at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet.

2011-,            Board member, Treasurer and Secretary in Scandinavian Society for Atherosclerosis Research.

2012,             Region H, LederTalent Course


Scientific work

1998,             OSVAL I, Laboratory of Proteins, The Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen.”The neural cell adhesion molecule, NCAM”.

2001,             OSVAL II, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet. “Expression of Cardiac brain natriuretic peptide in diabetic pigs and mice: Evidence of differential regulation of mRNA and protein content in atrium and ventricle”.

2006,             PhD, Department of Clinical Biochemisty, Rigshospitalet. Title “ Cardiomyopathy and expression of genes for natriuretic peptides and their receptors in the diabetic heart”.

2014,             DMSc, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet. Title " Apolipoprotein M: Impact on lipoprotein metabolism and vascular function"

Ad hoc reviewer at JBC, JLR, Plos One, BBA



Scientific assistant (3), Bachelor student (1), Master student (1), PhD-student (3), KBU mentee (2)


18 oral presentations selected from abstract and 5 invited lectures at internation conferences.


2003 (3-year): Rigshospitalet, Salary for PhD (1.500.000)

2006 (1-year): Danish heart association, Salary for Post.Doc (650.000)

2010 (3-year): Danish research council, Salary and project (3.200.000)

2010 (2-year): Augustinusfonden, Project (200.000)

2011 (2-year): Novonordisk fonden, Project (250.000)

2013 (5-year): Novonordisk Excellent Program, Project (5.000.000)

2013 (2-year): Lundbeck Foundation, Project (1.000.000)

2013 (3-year): Danish Research Council, Salary and Project, Co-applicant (2.500.000)

2013 (3-year): Rigshospitalet, Project, Co-applicant (900.000)



2006,             Keystone Symposia Scholarship

2006,             Astrup Prize (No. 3)

2007,             The Young Investigator Award, The XVIth Paavo Nurmi Symposium, The EAS76th Congress.

2008,             The Young Investigator Award, European Lipoprotein Club.

2010,             Overlæge Johan Boserup og Lise Boserups Hæderslegat.

2012,             The young investigator award, DSKB general meeting

2012,             Paper of the year award, Scandinavian society of atherosclerosis research

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