Casper Worm Hansen

Casper Worm Hansen


Research interests:

  • Long-run economic growth and development
  • Population health and human capital
  • Demographic transition  
  • Population aging
  • Dynamic macroeconomics



Diversity and Development: Evidence from Immigration Quotas, Danish Research Council circa 1.5 million kr., 2015-2016, (as principal investigator and join with Philipp Ager from University of Southern Denmark.)   


Conference and seminar presentations:

University of Goettingen seminar (planned, Jan. 2016); American Economic Association Meeting San Francisco (planned, Jan. 2016)  FRESH meeting (planned, Nov. 2015), European Economic Association Meeting in Mannheim 2015; Royal Economic Society in Manchester April 2014; NHH Labor Seminar (Bergen); European Society for Population economics in Aarhus 2013; Danish Public Choice Workshop 2013; MEHR seminar Copenhagen University 2012, European Society for Population Economics in Bern 2012; Royal Economic Society in Cambridge 2012; Aarhus University: Economics seminar 2012; Danish Public Choice Workshop 2012; SDU-CBS workshops in 2010 and 2011; Netspar meeting in 2009.



Economic Journal, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Economic Growth, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of European Economic Association, International Economic Review, Labor Economics, Economics Bulletin, Singapore Economic Review.  


ID: 122746264