Birthe Brandt Kragelund

Birthe Brandt Kragelund



Protein interaction principles, protein structure and function relationships, protein-receptor interactions and mechanisms of activation, membrane proteins, protein folding, intrinsically unfolded proteins, structure determination of larger protein systems by NMR spectroscopy, hormone action, anti-angiogenesis, amyloids.

  • NMR spectroscopy and Optical spectroscopy
  • Protein refolding and purification, protein chemistry
  • Mechanism of protein-receptor activation - Protein-protein interactions


2014-Structural Biology and NMR Laboratory, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Full Professor
2002- 2014Structural Biology and NMR Laboratory, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Associate Professor
2000-2002Department of Protein Chemistry, Institute of Molecular Biology and Physiology, Unversity of Copenhagen,  Assistant Professor
1998-2000Department of Chemistry, Carlsberg Laboratory, Denmark - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
1996-1998Chemical Center, Lund University, Sweden - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
1992-1996Department of Chemistry, Carlsberg Laboratory and Insitute of Biochemistry, Odense University, Ph. D.
1993EMBO fellowship - Dobson Laboratory, OCMS, Oxford University, UK


2019-Novo Nordisk Foundation, Chair of Committee on Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine
2017-2020Danish academic delegate EMBL, Heidelberg, D
2017-2020Novo Nordisk Foundation, board member Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine
2016-2019Member of the Academic Council for the Dean at the Faculty of Science, UCPH
2014-2017Villum Foundation – Board member Young Investigator Programme, chairman '16
2012-Head of the Structural Biology and NMR Laboratory (SBiNLab)
2002-Head of research group
2002-Censorships at University of Odense, University of Århus, DTU
2007-2009Appointed member of the Research Committee, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen
2005-2008Member of the Institute Communication Committee, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen
2004-2007Member of the study board for Molecular Biomedicine, University of Copenhagen.
2005-2008Head of project: Structure and Interactions of Large Protein Systems by "Combinatorial" NMR Spectroscopy financed by the Danish Natural Research Councils Yngre Forskere (Young Scientists)
2007Course in "Reseach Management", CBS
1998+2002Summed one year maternity leave 


  • Responsible teacher for the course Protein Science (3rd year courses).
  • Teacher at the course Protein Chemistry and Enzymology (1st year course).
  • Adviser for a total of 5 Ph. D. students and 23 master students.
  • Graduated master students since 2003: 18
  • Graduated Ph. D. students since 2005: 4



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