Berdien B E van der Donk

Berdien B E van der Donk


  • JUR Juridisk Ph.d.-uddannelse

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 6B Bygning 6B (Afsnit 3), Bygning: 6B-3-39

    2300 København S


Berdien is an international legal professional (LL.B., 2x LL.M) aiming to build a better and safer online cyberspace. She is interested in and focussing on upcoming developments in the field of law and technology, (new) ways to decrease the dissemination of illegal content, and the development of new (technological) means to automate tedious legal tasks. 



Limiting online access to legal content in the European Union (preliminary title)

My PhD-research focusses on the limitation of users' protection of European fundamental rights through user term-based agreements on (large scale) online platforms and takes both a holistic approach to defining the current online world in a legal sense (as a public utility, a service, or a hybrid), and a more dogmatic approach to answer whether private companies can exclude users' lawful content through unilaterally imposed contracts (user terms).

In the latter part, the first focus is the possibility to exclude a person from a platform through the application of user terms and assesses whether such an application could be regarded as an unfair contract term; the second focus are anti-discrimination principles and the obligation to contract.



  • Developments in internet criminality
  • IPR enforcement
  • (The effects of) content filtering
  • The application of human rights online 

ID: 226569473