Anne Ranning

Anne Ranning


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I am deeply interested in the intergenerational transmission of mental illness and adversity, and in interventions to mitigate and prevent these processes. I have conducted several nationwide, register-based cohort studies documenting adverse life circumstances of children of parents with serious mental illness and suicidal behaviour. Based on these findings, in 2020, I set out to conduct the SAFIR project, a randomized clinical trial investigating the effect of Family Talk Preventive Intervention, a psycho-social intervention for children and their parents at the Mental Health Center Capital Region. I am also member of the PI group of Research Center for Family based Interventions, a newly established center in which we develop and investigate effects of family based preventive interventions in the Capital and Northern Regions of Denmark. As a clinical psychologist in the mental health sector, I work with patients with personality disorders, and with families where parents have a mental illness.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Intergenerational transmission of mental illness
Family-based interventions
Clinical Psychology 
Psychotherapy for severe mental illness
Suicide prevention
Quantitative and qualitative research methods

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