Anne Margrethe Wagner

Anne Margrethe Wagner

Tenure Track Adjunkt

  • Landskabsarkitektur og planlægning - Design

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

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Anne Margrethe Wagner is a tenure track assistant professor at the Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen, affiliated with the research groups Landscape Architecture and Urbanism and Spatial Change and Planning. She trained as an architect at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen and the Academy of Fine Art, Vienna and holds a PhD in Landscape Architecture and Planning from The University of Copenhagen. Her practice-based research focuses on the conception of public and semi-public spaces and their creation via co-design, co-creation, and citizen-driven initiatives. She has solid experience with participatory processes and on-site 1:1 design laboratories and has done extensive research on temporary and experimental transformations of public spaces and landscapes, bridging formal and informal spatial practices and strategies. Working with the everyday procedures of design and planning, her research aims at collective imagination and co-creation of democratic, just, and regenerative practices for our shared spaces. 

Latest research and development projects:

2022-2023: The Research-Design-Teaching Nexus - Research Integration and the Landscape Architecture Education at UCPH – Innovation project supported by UCPH

2021-2022: Co-design of green space in social housing estate Hørgården, with Børnekulturpiloterne, Amagerplanen and the builders collective Genlivet

2019-2023: Playable – Art and Design Installations in Public Space.  Installations emerging in the field of contemporary art, critical practice, landscape, urban design and play (Routledge, forthcoming publication 2023)

2016-2021: Move the Neighbourhood - Interdisciplinary practice-based research project on co-design and prototyping of public green spaces with School of Architecture (KADK), University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

2012-2015: EU Interreg-funded project SEEDS (Stimulating Enterprising Environments for Development and Sustainability). Subtitle: Transformation of urban and peri-urban vacant sites through temporary uses

Anne is co-planning and coordinating the Copenhagen Landscape Lecture Series and is the alternate section member of the IGN Research Committee.



In the MSc programme in Landscape Architecture, Anne is course co-responsible for the Urban Intervention Studio, which she has been teaching since 2013. The design studio interlinks with her research on collective spatial practice, public space, commons, landscape processes and temporary interventions. It aims at developing analytical, conceptual, and practical skills, bridging 1:1 design and building with strategic levels of action. Urban Intervention Studio is a laboratory for contextual and scale-transgressing design approaches involving students, external local partners and addressing highly dynamic sites. Follow the course here. In the BSc programme she is co-managing and teaching the 1st year studio Plan and Design 1, a design-based introductory studio where fundamental didactics of learning and doing landscape and design are the core. See more from the studio work here. Anne regularly performs thesis supervision (BSc, MSc) with a special focus on facilitating interdisciplinary thesis work in collaboration with e.g. ecology experts and practice partners. She is a frequent lecturer and examiner at UCPH and at other institutions.

Since 2014, Anne has organised and lectured at international PhD courses within design research and has provided mentoring for PhD students. Currently she is co-supervisor for PhD student Yu Liu, supporting design-perspectives on integrated planning, informal urban spaces, and related nature experiences.

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