Anders Miki Bojesen

Anders Miki Bojesen


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    Anders Miki Bojesen’s main research focus is host-pathogen interaction aiming at developing tools to prevent infectious diseases. Bojesen is leading a group of approx. 15 researchers of various backgrounds including DVMs, biologists and biotechnologists. The group is highly international with members from several counties around the world.

    Bojesen is an experienced manager of large groups of staff and is currently the administrative head  Section for Veterinary Clinical Microbiology counting 70 employees including seven professors and a high number of PhD-students.

    He has also managed a number of international research projects including the University of Copenhagen Excellence Research Centre for Control of Antibiotic Resistance (UC-Care), a 4.3 m€ multidisciplinary project from 2013-2018.

    Bojesen is one of the founder of Bojesen & Petersen Biotech, a spin-off company now commercially active in more than 20 countries at three continents.

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    Anders Miki Bojesen collaborates with employees from different branches of the Danish and international animal production companies and pharmaceutical industries, typically via externally funded projects but also on projects funded by the collaborators. The representatives from these companies or organisations are typically partners in the projects or serve in advisory committees to the projects.

    He is also member of the Danish Poultry Levy Foundation where he acts in his function as employee of the University of Copenhagen.

    Bojesen is the co-founder and co-owner of Bojesen and Petersen Biotech ApS and the founder and owner of Copenhagen Equity ApS.

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